Why Shopping Local with Flint Audio Video Helps More Than You Know

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Television marketers predict that 4K and 8K OLED TVs are what will sell this holiday season. They will spend a significant amount of their budget on content marketing just for television sets, but do the big corporations have your best interests in mind? Do they sell the highest-quality television sets that will last for multiple years? Most large electronic stores are looking to sell you anything that will add to their quota. You may think you’re saving a bundle, but are you getting a high-quality television? In addition, shopping at a corporate store means you could be missing out on others.

So Why Shop Local Televisions with Flint Audio Video in RI?

There are a few reasons to shop at Flint Audio Video.

  • Highest Quality Televisions at Great Prices
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Try Every TV in the Showroom
  • Your Purchase Goes Back to the Community

So what about that last one? We want to prove to you that businesses can still give back and care about their communities. While bigger stores may have higher inventory, they don’t have the selection, price cuts, or community care that we provide. It’s one of the reasons that our customers constantly leave great reviews and testimonials for our service.

Our charities and community events benefit local sports teams, healthcare, child and family services, animal welfare, and environmental protection services. Our latest contributions include thousands of dollars towards protecting children and families.

What’s the Difference Buying Local?
Communities benefit from local businesses because they are able to donate and provide for local events by being sponsors or through direct donations. Sponsorships are important to us because it directly impacts the children and families around where our employees work.

You can order excellent TV service from a local company and know that part of your purchase goes back into the schools, families, and environment around you as well. You can see the benefits versus the lack of involvement from corporate entities just by coming into a Flint Audio Video store.

While you can buy a television online, you may not get the same satisfaction from being able to test and see the television of your dreams in person. There’s also no wait to pick it up and set up at your home with Flint Audio Video services. In addition, your purchase goes towards more than you know.